Pray for Ireland

From Sunday, April 1 to Thursday, May 24, the Southern Maryland Pro-Life Community will stand in prayerful solidarity with Ireland as the forces of evil clash with the Light to revoke the right to life of the unborn in their country.

Join us in a powerful 54-Day Rosary Novena for the Irish people - born and unborn.

What is a Novena?

The word novena is taken from “novem,” the Latin word for nine. A novena is made up of nine days of prayer and meditation usually to ask God for special prayer requests or petitions.

Novenas are an ancient tradition that goes back to the days of the Apostles. Jesus told His disciples to pray together after His ascension into heaven, so they went to an upper room along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, (Acts 1:14) and joined constantly in prayer for nine days. These nine days of constant prayer by the Apostles at the direction of Jesus led up to Pentecost. This is when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples as “tongues of fire” (Acts 2:1-4). This pattern of 9 days of prayer is the basis the novenas we pray today.

Thus, the novena is an imitation of the Lord’s command to the Apostles when they prayed for 9 days in anticipation of the coming of the Holy Spirit. (source)

Why a 54 Day Novena?

A 54 Day Novena consists of 27 days of petition and 27 days of thanksgiving.  The first 27 days are three consecutive 9-day novenas (three for the Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).  For the first 27 days, we pray in petition to God for the protection of the 8th Amendment in Ireland.  The second 27 days, we pray in thanksgiving to God for answering our prayers.

Why a Rosary?

Mary, the Mother of God, is a powerful intercessor and protectress of the unborn.

How do I commit?

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