The Holy Family Respect Life Committee was formed in 2016 as a partnership of Catholic parish-based Respect Life Committees in response to a growing desire and need in the Southern Maryland Catholic Churches to resurrect long dormant ministries.  As with many things in Southern Maryland, it just made sense that rather than isolated parish pro-life groups, we should join hands regionally to support our Catholic and pro-life communities.  The HFRLC was created to plan and promote The Southern Maryland Pro-Life Symposium (formerly Pro-Life: An Awakening).  The first Symposium, featuring Trent Horn and Maryland Right to Life's Chief Lobbyist, Jeffrey Meister, was held on September 24, 2016. Conference planning began in February 2016 and the representatives from parishes throughout Charles County became known as “The Holy Family Respect Life Committee”, an homage to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Our Protectors and Guides.  


The second annual Symposium dubbed, Gaining Momentum, was the natural and enthusiastic follow-up to The Awakening of 2016.  The Holy Family Respect Life Committee is committed to promoting Respect Life issues concerning the right to life of all human beings from conception to death.